Paid Instantly: Alimony Lump Sum Payments

Posted on: 26 March 2019

Even though many people don't need it nowadays, alimony (or spousal support) can still be ordered if there is a need. When there is a gap between the earning capacity of the two spouses, judges can order that one spouse pay the other in an effort to make things more equitable. There is more than one way to be paid, so read on to find out more. Alimony Types If you and your spouse are separated and you show a need, the judge can order temporary alimony to assist you during the separation period.
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What You Need To Know About Age Discrimination

Posted on: 20 February 2019

Being discriminated against for any factor outside of your control is a horrible feeling. It is especially horrible when it happens in the workplace or when it keeps you from getting a job. The important thing to understand, however, is that  age discrimination is highly illegal. Thus, if you feel it may have occurred to you, you should report it to the human resources department at your job, if applicable, as well as to an attorney.
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Why Understanding Construction Law Is Critical To Your Project

Posted on: 13 January 2019

Construction law issues can pop up all over in commercial and residential projects. From setting up the details of contracts to obtaining appropriate permits, many people will turn to a construction attorney to see that they get the specifics right. If a dispute eventually comes up, it's also good to have the support of a construction lawyer as you try to sort the situation out. Before you get rolling on your next project, be mindful of these common construction law problems that need to be addressed.
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3 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted on: 4 December 2018

Similar to how there are different doctors that specialize in different health treatments, there are also different lawyers that specialize in different areas of the law, including personal injury law. If you are unfamiliar with this area of the law, then you may not know when you may need to hire a personal injury lawyer. From auto accidents to slip and fall cases, this article will take a closer look at a few reasons why you may need to hire a personal injury lawyer.
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