Social Security Disability Is Confusing -- Let's Clear It Up

Posted on: 3 April 2020

Social security disability issues arise often, especially when somebody is dealing with chronic illness and pain at work. With a lack of evidence available, it can be very difficult to document your symptoms for your employer. In fact, many people do not even realize that they might be eligible to sign up for SSI or SSDI. Part of clearing up the confusion surrounding these types of programs involves understanding what each term means.
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What You Need To Know About Dog Bite Litigation

Posted on: 29 February 2020

If someone else's dog bites you or your child and causes injuries, the dog owner can be held liable for the actions of their dog. You might be able to settle with the owner out of court for the related damages. Should the dog owner refuse to pay for these injuries or try to offer a sum that's not reasonable for your financial, physical, and mental distress, you can sue the owner for the appropriate financial damages.
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What To Do When You Get In A Car Accident

Posted on: 24 January 2020

When you're involved in a car accident, it can be scary and can cause a lot of anxiety. Your adrenaline rushes and it can feel like it all happened so fast. When you're in this kind of situation, you want to take the right steps. There are ways to go about handling yourself after an accident. Keep reading to see what to do when you get in a car accident:
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Gross Vs. Ordinary Negligence In Car Accident Cases

Posted on: 7 January 2020

When an accident attorney examines a potential claim or suit, one of the things they'll look at closely is the nature of the negligence at play in the case. In American law, negligence is usually broken up into two kinds, gross and ordinary. The differences between the two are worth thinking about before you submit a claim. What is Ordinary Negligence? Ordinary negligence is a product of reasonably understandable happenings. Suppose someone was hanging a left turn before they had a nearly head-on collision with another driver.
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