Avoid Injuries When Shopping

Posted on: 1 May 2017


Avoid Injuries While Grocery Shopping

It may be hard for you to imagine getting hurt while you are doing something as routine as shopping for groceries. However, the truth is that there are a lot of different ways you can get hurt while you are shopping. You should keep the tips offered here in mind every time you go to the store so you can reduce your chances of getting hurt:

Wear shoes with a good grip

The floors in grocery stores tend to be quite slippery and this can lead to you slipping easily. Therefore, you should wear your gym shoes or other shoes that have a good grip on the bottom of them and good arch support. Not only does this reduce the chances of you having an accident, but it can also help you to prevent sore feet when you get home from a long shopping trip.

Wear your corrective lenses

If you are supposed to wear corrective lenses then you should make sure you are wearing them while you are shopping in the store. This can prevent you from running into something, tripping or otherwise getting hurt while you are in the store.

Use a good cart

If you pull a cart out from the cart area and find that it has a wheel that's wobbly then you should put it to the side and grab one that works better. This will reduce your chances of running the cart into something or having the wheel come off which can easily lead to a serious injury.

Pay attention when you are grabbing items from the shelves

When you go to grab for something off a shelf you want to make sure you watch what you are doing. This is especially true if you are grabbing something from a top shelf. Not paying attention to what you are doing can cause something else to fall down on top of you and hurt you.

Always look where you are going

The store is supposed to put orange caution cones down when they mop or when there is a spill. But, if someone has just spilled something then the store may not even know about it yet. If you aren't watching where you are going, then you can end up slipping in the spot and really hurting yourself.


If you do end up getting hurt while you are shopping, you should contact a personal injury attorney. There is a chance that the store may be liable if there was something on their end that contributed to you getting hurt. Check out the site.