Five Signs You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer

Posted on: 2 February 2024


Navigating the complexities of estate planning is a critical, albeit often misunderstood, part of life. It's not just for the ultra-wealthy or the elderly; it’s a cornerstone to ensure your wishes are carried out, to protect your family, and to mitigate potential conflicts down the line. Here’s why you, as a parent, might be seeing some red flags that indicate it's time to consult with an estate planning lawyer. 

Sign 1: Complex Family Situations

If you have a blended family or stepchildren or have gone through multiple marriages, the default distribution of assets—and the consequences of not having a personalized estate plan—dramatically alter the post-life landscape for your loved ones. An estate planning lawyer can help untangle these webs and create a plan that reflects your true intentions and family structure, no matter how unconventional it may be.

Sign 2: Upholding Your Wealth

For parents who've diligently built up their assets—be it through property, wise investments, or as stewards of a family business—estate planning is the careful craft of safeguarding and transferring this wealth with as few roadblocks as possible. Your lawyer becomes a central figure in your advisory team, working alongside financial planners and accountants to ensure the right instruments are in place to protect your life's work.

Sign 3: Durable Decisions for Incapacity

As you age, concerns about potential incapacitation due to health issues or aging start to take precedence. When you'd like matters of your healthcare and finances to be managed by individuals you trust during such periods, an estate planning attorney guides you in creating durable powers of attorney or advance healthcare directives to cover these aspects, giving you and your family invaluable peace of mind.

Sign 4: Specific Bequests

Your estate plan should be as unique as the fingerprint of your life experiences. If you have distinct wishes for the distribution of your estate, such as charitable donations, the passing down of family heirlooms, or provision for special needs beneficiaries, an estate planning lawyer is indispensable in drafting these specific bequests into legally binding and executable documents.

Sign 5: Business and Professional Ventures

As a parent, if you're an entrepreneur or have significant roles in business operations, your estate planning needs are magnified. Business ownership presents layers of complexity that, without the expertise of a legal professional, could lead to serious tax implications and difficulties in succession. An attorney will help structure your estate plan to ensure a smooth transition and continued operation or sale of your business under the most advantageous circumstances.

With an expert estate planning lawyer at your side, you craft a legacy that honors your life's achievements and the people and causes you hold dear. It is a step taken to shield your family from avoidable stress and strife during times when unity and solace should prevail. As you consider your own situation, remember the peace of mind and security that come from having a solid estate plan in place.

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