2 Reasons To Have A Working Relationship With A Real Estate Attorney As A Landlord

Posted on: 30 November 2022


If you have recently begun renting out residential properties, you may have been surprised at the amount of legal paperwork that you have to process. No matter if you only have one property or several, you will need to wade through the legalities of leasing homes and/or apartments.

Because of this, you will need to have legal representation available for several aspects of renting out properties. Below are just a couple of reasons why you need to have a good working relationship with a real estate lawyer when you become a landlord. 

1. You Can Have Them Review All Lease Agreements Before You and the Prospective Tenants Sign

One reason you need a working relationship with a lawyer who deals with real estate law is that they can review all lease agreements before you and the prospective tenants sign any of the documents. While you may believe that you can cover everything that is required yourself, having the attorney look them over to make sure that both you and the tenant are protected is a smart decision.

If you leave out any expectations from the tenant, while you may hope that they would be honest, they could find a loophole and turn it around. You want to make sure that a lawyer ensures that the agreement is airtight before you rent your property to someone.

2. You Have a Lawyer Ready to Help You Start Eviction Proceedings If It Becomes Necessary

Another reason you need someone who is proficient in dealing with real estate law on your side when you are a landlord is that you may be faced with evicting someone in the future. When you formally evict a tenant, the proper paperwork must be filed in order to begin the proceedings.

If you incorrectly file or wait too long to do so, you will have a legal mess on your hands. When you are already working with a lawyer, you can turn over the filing to them as soon as you find out that the eviction must take place.

Whether you have one or multiple rental properties, you will be involved in legal transactions for which you will need assistance. Having a good working relationship with a lawyer helps to ensure that any lease agreements cover everything you need before you and prospective tenants sign them. The attorney can also help you begin filing paperwork if you are faced with evicting someone. 

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