Is Your Child Special Needs? Signs You Need To Hire A Special Education Lawyer

Posted on: 20 June 2022


If you're the parent of a special needs child, and they're struggling in the public education system, it might be time to hire a special education lawyer. When your child needs extra help in school due to special needs, it can feel like you're fighting a losing battle. This is especially true when you don't feel that your voice is being heard. For those instances, you need someone on your side. You need a special education lawyer. Read the list provided below. If you're struggling with any of the situations described here, contact a special education lawyer near you. 

You Can't Reach an Agreement About Plans

If your child is special needs, there are two educational options for them; an IEP, or a 504 plan. An IEP, or individualized education program, spells out the type of specialized educational support your child will receive. A 504 plan identifies the type of accommodations your child needs during the school day. If you're unable to reach an agreement with a school about the educational plan your child needs, it's time to hire a special education lawyer. They can help you get your child into the program that's right for them. 

You're Not Being Informed of Changes

If your child is covered by either an IEP, or a 504 plan, there are specific services they should receive. If there are changes to the plan, you should be informed before those changes go into effect. If your child's school is making changes to their plan without your knowledge or consent, you need to seek legal advice. This is especially important if those changes reduce the services your child receives. These changes could have a negative effect on your child's education. 

Your Child Isn't Receiving Services

If your child isn't receiving the services they're entitled to, and you've talked to school administrators, now's the time to sit down with a special education lawyer. IEPs and 504 plans are legal contracts. Failure to provide the required services could be cause for a lawsuit. A special education lawyer is there to help you fight for your child's rights to services. 

You Don't Agree With a Decision

If the school district decides to make changes to your child's educational plan, and you don't agree with the decision, you have the right to an appeal. But, before you appeal a district decision, be sure to consult with a special education lawyer. They'll make sure that your case is heard. They'll also work to make sure that your appeal is successful.