5 Instances When Family Law Attorney Can Safeguard Your Child's Interests In A Divorce

Posted on: 20 May 2022


When it comes to divorce, one of the most important considerations is the welfare of your children during and after the divorce. Without family law in place to look out for your child's interests, they could be taken advantage of or even put in danger by you or your spouse during the divorce process. Here are instances when you need a family law attorney to safeguard your child's interests in a divorce.

1. You Believe Your Child Is in Danger of Physical Harm

If your marriage is on its last legs, you may be concerned about how your soon-to-be-ex will care for your child. If you think they might physically harm your child, you should tell a judge. Judges can issue orders of protection - and, if necessary, intervene with law enforcement to help keep the child safe.

2. Your Child Has Special Needs

If your child has special needs, leaving them with anyone else can be difficult. It is important that when you split from your spouse, you look for someone who can help take care of your child and provide them with constant supervision. 

Family law attorneys often deal with cases such as these and will work closely with you and experts in special needs services to ensure that your child's needs are met during custody disputes.

3. You Are Denied Visitation and Interaction Rights

In many cases, people try to co-parent and share decision-making responsibilities with their former spouses. While these arrangements can work, they don't always - and there are instances when one parent is denied visitation or interaction rights with the child. If you find yourself in such a position, family law can help protect your parental rights and best interests.

4. Your Spouse Is Taking the Child Across State Lines

It's bad enough when your spouse denies access to your child, but even worse if they plan on moving with the child across state lines. If your child is taken out of state without consent, an attorney will help you get them back while keeping them safe until everything is resolved.

5. Your Partner Is Refusing To Offer Adequate Child Support

Your ex-spouse can refuse to support you until you agree to some demands. Unless your children are adults, you must work out an arrangement that keeps your child's interests first and foremost at heart. 

To ensure you receive adequate financial support from your former spouse, consider contacting a family law attorney who can help negotiate on your behalf.

A divorce often impacts family members adversely, with children at the center of it, so they need proper safeguarding by the law. Book an appointment with a family law attorney so that your child's interests are prioritized in your divorce.