Were You Injured By A Household Product? Know What To Do

Posted on: 16 February 2021


Injuries can happen when you least expect it, which includes being injured by household products. Here is what you need to know about product-related injuries in case you someday suffer an injury that can be blamed on the manufacturer.

What Do You Do With The Product That Injured You?

One thing to keep in mind about a product injury, especially one that happens in your home, is that you need proof that the product actually injured you. You may be tempted to throw the product away or get rid of it, but the each piece of evidence that you have to support your case is going to improve your potential compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

For starters, you'll want to take pictures of the product in the current state it was in when it caused the injury. While you may need to unplug a product that uses electricity, you need to show where it was when the product became defective. For example, if you have a pressure cooker that exploded in your kitchen and caused an injury, you'll want to show where the product was when it happened. So take plenty of photos.

You also want to avoid modifying or cleaning the product in any way. All of that damage that was caused to the product is going to help your case, so leave it as is so it is all preserved. Be prepared to just put the item in a box and store it until it is needed as part of your personal injury lawsuit.

Should You Reach Out To The Manufacturer? 

While you may think that it will be best to contact the manufacturer directly about the injury, know that it is not going to result in the compensation you deserve. They'll likely want you to send the product back, and in return you'll receive a new product and maybe some coupons. They are not going to offer to compensate you for the injuries that you suffered while using their product.

That's why it is best to work with a personal injury lawyer to go directly to filing a claim against the manufacturer. Since it is the only way that you'll be compensated for your medical bills, you'll bypass all of the steps that are just going to delay the case. Having a lawyer on your side will also show that you are serious about your injury as well. 

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