Why You Should Always Hire a DUI Attorney If You're Charged With a DUI

Posted on: 17 June 2020


Criminal attorneys often handle a lot of DUI cases. These cases are common, and sometimes they are more complicated than one might think. This is why it is important to know your rights if you are ever pulled over for drunk driving and subsequently charged. Even in situations where the odds of you winning your case are slim, a lawyer can get you the best legal result for your case. Protecting your freedoms is important, and your lawyer can help defend you in some big ways. 

Gather and Analyze the Evidence

Once you hire a DUI lawyer, he or she will immediately gather information from the prosecutor and any other witnesses. Gathering evidence quickly is important in maintaining the integrity of your case. A DUI lawyer will subpoena records on any statements from the police officer involved, and he or she may gather video evidence from the squad car. A lawyer will also request any test information that was part of your arrest, whether you did a breathalyzer test or a blood alcohol test. These tests, if administered incorrectly or handled improperly by a lab can be considered inadmissible. Your lawyer will look for any evidence that this type of evidence has been mishandled. 

Determine Mitigating Factors

Some people receive false positives on the DUI tests that are administered. There could be issues with your case that involve a doctor who didn't tell you that mixing certain medications with alcohol could have serious side effects. Your lawyer will talk to your doctor and an independent doctor to determine whether or not medications you were taking could have caused you to drive recklessly or to become intoxicated more quickly. Obtaining expert testimony from medical professionals can really help in a DUI case.

Weigh Options for Resolution

A big part of the legal process is negotiation. DUI lawyers can advise you on all of the evidence against you, including how the mitigating factors in your case will lead to a specific outcome. From there, he or she may talk with you about potential resolutions to your case outside of trial. A lot of prosecutors are willing to work with first-time offenders. You may be able to get what is called a plea in abeyance, which means you can not have any infractions for a set period of time and have the entire charge dismissed. This is a great option, especially if you don't think you can win your case in trial.

A DUI charge is something serious that can impact your entire life. It should be dealt with properly, and the best way to deal with it properly is with a lawyer by your side. You'll be able to fully understand the legal case presented against you, and you'll be able to gather all the facts and evidence. In the end, your lawyer will help you find the best possible resolution, whether that's going to trial and winning or getting a good plea deal.

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