A Probate Lawyer Can Help You With The Whole Probate Process

Posted on: 4 March 2018


When a family member has died, there is a whole process that you must go through when it comes to their will and probate. There are ways that you can make it easier, including hiring a probate lawyer. So, what is probate?


Probate is the legal process in which a will goes before the court and is approved. When the probate court approves the will, it is then entered as a public document. Once that has happened, it's possible for the monies, properties, and other bequests in the will to be dispersed to the beneficiaries according to the will's dictates. The process can take a while, but a probate lawyer can help speed the issue up. There are different ways that they can do that. 

Probate Attorney

A probate attorney specializes in working with wills and sending them through probate. There are various ways that they can help to speed up the whole process. One is that they can send the will through probate prior to death. This won't work for all cases, but for a person who is dying of a terminal illness and who will die soon, sending the will into a probate process early will make sure that it's ready after the person has passed on.

Another way the probate attorney can help speed up the process is to check the will over before the person dies. They can either be the one to write it or look it over. Doing that will make sure there are no problems that could cause it to hang up. If the will is clear on everything and doesn't have any complicated clauses that haven't already been vetted, then the probate court will have a much easier time approving it. Another way that a probate attorney can help speed things up is to act as an executor. What is an executor?


An executor is someone who has been appointed by the will or by the court to handle the disposition of the will. The executor can be a family member, trustee, or lawyer. The executor makes sure that all the bequests go out to the beneficiaries and handle anyone who might contest the will. 

Losing a family member is hard enough. Having to deal with probate and their will can be even harder. There are ways that you can make it easier on yourself and hiring a probate lawyer is one of them. For more information, contact a lawyer like David R Webb Attorney.