Coping With The Death Of Your Grandmother And Your Recent Inheritance

Posted on: 12 September 2017


If your grandmother recently passed away and added you to her will, leaving you with her residence and wordly possessions, you may feel overwhelmed about the sudden inheritance and still be dealing with emotions associated with the loss of your loved one. The following tips will help you come to terms with the situation you have encountered and decide how you will utilize the property that has been given to you.

Speak With A Probate Lawyer

Contact a probate lawyer to determine a time to meet with them to discuss your inheritance and any financial obligations that you will be faced with before retaining ownership of your grandmother's home and possessions. During a formal meeting, provide an attorney with outstanding bills that your grandmother incurred and the deed to her home. An attorney will determine how much money will need to be paid to creditors and will walk you through the steps necessary to transfer ownership of the house.

If your grandmother had financial assets that can satisfy bills, a lawyer will handle financial transactions so that you won't be be faced with them at a later date. Stay in touch with your lawyer and sign documents or provide information as requested. 

Meet With A Grief Counselor

Don't be too hard on yourself by attempting to clean up your grandmother's home or shift possessions around if you do not feel up to it. Instead, take the time to grieve and process the situation that you have been dealt with. If you feel as if the loss of your grandmother is too much for you to handle and your personal or professional life is suffering as a result, make an appointment to meet with a grief counselor.

A counselor will provide you with a listening ear and will offer words of encouragement during this trying time. Be honest with the counselor and unload all of the negative feelings that have been holding you back. After several counseling sessions, you may begin to accept the fact that your grandmother is gone, but will be able to cherish her memories inside of your mind, which will help you move on with your life. 

Do Not Make Rash Decisions And Consider What Is Best For You

Do not make decisions concerning your grandmother's home until you have had time to thoroughly think about what is in your best interest. If you currently own a home that you love and live rather far from your grandmother's residence, you may ultimately decide to sell her home and use the proceeds from the sale to handle personal obligations.

However, if you are currently renting and are not happy with the area that you are residing, you may decide to move into your grandmother's home so that you are provided with a fresh start. After careful consideration, you can decide what situation will work best for you and work to achieve the goal that you have chosen.

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