The Complexities Of A Dog Bite Personal Injury Case With The Chow

Posted on: 16 June 2017


Personal injury cases with dog bites can be a very harrowing and difficult type to pursue. This is especially true if the bite was caused by a small and non-threatening dog, like a chow. That's why it is important to understand these cases and who to pursue them properly.

Chows Can Be Surprisingly Dangerous

Chows may not seem like a vary dangerous dog breed, but it is the second most dangerous dog in the country when measured by bite frequency. While the pit bull is responsible for exponentially more attacks, injuries, and deaths, the chow bites about 49 people a year (14 of which are adult), maims 34 people, and causes seven deaths.

Unfortunately, avast majority of the victims of a chow bite were children. This small dog is typically not large enough to seriously hurt an adult. However, they could still cause serious injuries that require medical attention. So what causes this seemingly innocuous dog to be so dangerous?

Why Chows Bite

Chows are not the kind of dog that typically attack people. In fact, they usually avoid any serious threat and danger in order to avoid injury. However, they are among the breeds that are the most protective of their owners. If the chow feels that the well-being of their owner is at risk, they will bite defensively.

They are also likely to bite if they feel trapped, cornered, or otherwise threatened. As a result, pursuing a dog injury case on a chow can be hard. Their owners may try a series of defenses that put the blame on the person who was bit, rather than on the dog.

What Kind Of Defense The Owner May Put Up

The most common defense in a dog bite case is to argue that the person who was bitten was responsible for the bite. The argument here is that the person somehow provoked or angered the dog, such as striking them or otherwise hurting them. In a chow case, the defense may try to argue that the bitten person tried to hurt the dog or handled them in a negligent manner.

In fact, this argument is very likely in cases where children are concerned. The owner may try to argue that the chow felt threatened by a child poorly handling them. Or they may state that the child struck the dog and that the parents of the child did nothing to stop them. These cases can get rather heated, due to their provocative nature.

In any kind of dog bite case like this, it is important to find a personal injury attorney who understands dog bite personal injury cases. With their expert help, it is possible to pursue these cases in a skilled manner. It may be hard if the case involves a child, but it needs to be pursued anyway.