3 Tips On Dealing With A Work-Related Vehicle Accident

Posted on: 7 June 2017


A car accident can be an incredibly detailed bit of litigation, which is why you must find a great attorney who is equipped to represent you. These sorts of issues can become even more complicated if you happen to get into an accident on the clock, in a work-related vehicle. To learn about these cases and to make sure that you find the best work-related vehicle accident attorney to protect you during litigation and out of court settlements, read below. 

#1: Notify your job and begin researching lawyers

Dealing with a work-related vehicle accident is tricky, because you have an obligation to follow your job's protocol, while also protecting your own interests. This entire situation may very well be handled by the party that caused the crash, your job's insurance could step in and foot the bill – or you could have delays, non-compliance and issues with all of the above.

To make sure that you are protecting yourself first and foremost, report the accident to your human resources department, while also retaining the help of your own lawyer. Speak to an attorney who can give you a consultation. When speaking to different lawyers, make sure that they have an extensive history of taking car accident cases to trial and that they have a proven track record of success.

#2: Get all of the information that you can from the other driver

It is very important that you collect as much evidence as you can from the scene of the car accident. Start by exchanging insurance information with the other party. This may have to be facilitated by a police officer, so make sure to call the authorities and have them also complete an accident report. During this process, you should be communicating with your job and passing along all documented conversations and correspondence to your attorney.

#3: Work hard toward a favorable settlement

Even though your lawyer will be prepared to take your case to trial, at least 95% of these sorts of cases are settled. Because of this, you need to continuously communicate with all parties, while never doing anything to jeopardize the settlement. It is your right to build a legal case aside from your job, so comply with your obligations as an employee, but always communicate with your lawyer. They will fight for a settlement that is fair for the property damage and any injuries that you have.

Use these three tips to help you with your work-related vehicle accident.