Proving Your Business' Flooring Is Not At Fault For An Injury

Posted on: 10 April 2017


If you own your own business, and you recently had a mishap occur where someone is claiming they had fallen inside of your establishment due to neglect on your part, you are most likely concerned about any compensation you will be required to pay for their injuries. If you suspect the person is falsely accusing you and that they had pretended to fall for their own benefit, taking action will be necessary so you do not need to pay for their claimed hardship. Here are some steps you can take to try to prove someone on the premises is making a false accusation regarding a fall on your property.

Retain Documentation About Maintenance Steps Taken

If the person who had fallen says the floor, or something on or near the floor, had been the cause of their incident, you will want to try to prove otherwise so you are not stuck footing medical bills or pain and suffering compensation. Showing a court a list of repair work done in the area of the fall or a compilation of products used to keep the area clean will be beneficial in proving you were providing the proper upkeep for the area to be utilized. Maintenance logs will also be helpful to show to an attorney should they be requested in a courtroom situation.

Find Out If Anyone Saw The Incident Occur

If someone had been in the area where the person claimed to have gotten injured, they may be able to give an eye-witness account in what they had observed. They may have seen the person walk around the establishment, acting suspiciously as they were looking for a location to pretend to fall. Surveillance cameras on the premises may also show the person casing out the interior of the building as they searched for a place to fake an injury. Check with neighboring businesses to see if the person had been in their buildings as well, as they may have looked at many spots before deciding on one where they would perform their act.

Hire Professionals To Help Prove Your Innocence

Contact a personal injury attorney from a firm like Hardee and Hardee LLP to find out your rights regarding an injury claim. The attorney will look into all angles to help prove your floors were not a risk to those using them. They will also help in showing the person who claimed to have fallen had not been injured as they are proposing. This can be done with aid from a private investigator as well as research into the medical documentation taken after the proposed injury.