4 Tips On Planning A Great Weekend With Your Child After A Divorce

Posted on: 12 March 2015


Access to your children can be one of the hardest parts of divorce or separation. Making weekend arrangements can be even more difficult, as this is when most social events happen. It's also when quality time is spent with them away from the pressures of school and work. Each parent wants to receive a fair amount of time with their children. This is especially true during holidays and other important dates. Here are four tips on planning a great weekend with your child. 

1. Keep It Friendly

If possible, make amicable arrangements.  Not involving the courts or authorities will make seeing your children easier when things may not go as planned. This may be due to changing work patterns, unexpected events like illness, or other changes in routine. Being flexible will also make it easier to adapt to your children's needs as they grow and change.

2. Plan In Advance

Making some ground rules may make organizing weekend arrangements easier. For example, knowing in advance when you will see your children means you can organize your plans for the time with them. It will also create a routine for the children, who will then know what to expect, giving them some stability in their new routine. 

It's helpful to decide on arrangements for important dates such as birthdays and holidays. You should review these if they are not working or your circumstances change. Also, as your children get older, they may want you to consider their opinions or wishes.

3. Put Their Needs Firsts

Your children are your priority. If they are old enough, then ask their opinion. Ask them if your arrangements are acceptable. Sharing time with them will be harder if you are working against them. Routine is important to them. Try and stick to their regular weekend plans. This includes any activities or groups they may go to outside of school.

4. Keep One Another Informed

Communication is vital. Don't expect these arrangements to always go to plan, but keep talking to each other. It will allow compromises quicker, making things less stressful for your children. Only by working together will you provide them with stability and reassurance. 

Remember that you both want the best for your children. Keep arrangements friendly, flexible, and open. This will make sure that your children receive the love and attention of both parents. A good family lawyer from a law firm like Levine & Company can help you set up visitation so that it can go smoothly. As long as you both stick to the schedule and plan, it should go well.