Injury From Neglect: Hiring A Lawyer To Help You Get Retribution

Posted on: 8 January 2015


Over the course of life, you can suffer many injuries. Injuring yourself can cause serious repercussions. You have to pay for hospital bills and deal with the indecencies of injury. Hurting yourself is bad enough, but what if you're hurt because of someone else's actions? When you are injured because of someone else's malicious intent, neglect, or imprudent actions, you should not be saddled with the burden of paying for your injuries. Sometimes people will step up and pay for the injuries that result from their actions, but sometimes you need to get a lawyer involved to make sure everything is handled appropriately.

The Waiver: Avoiding Injury Lawsuits

If you go skydiving, rock climbing, or participate in some other high risk activity, the chances of you getting hurt are high. If you are using someone else's equipment or property for these activities, they can be liable to pay for any injuries you might incur. It is hard to make a living at a rock climbing gym if the owners are constantly paying for other people's injuries; thus, they will require you to sign a waiver, which is a document that allows you to forego your right to sue for damages or reparations. If you sign a waiver, you are responsible for your own injuries.

Partial Responsibility: Who Is Responsible?

When you are someone's private property or on public property, waivers are seldom used. In these situations, you might need to use litigation to solve problems. Sometimes injuries are cut and dry. For example, if you are biking in a bike lane with reflectors on and a car swerves off the road and hits you, the car is clearly at fault. Even in a case this simple, you might still need a lawyer to gather evidence and present a case to court. However, there are other cases, which are much less clear. For example, what if a friend loans you a bike with faulty brakes? The brakes can contribute to an accident, but as the rider, you still have some control over how fast you ride and how far you go. Lawyers will help to sort out the details so that a judge can make a ruling on who is at fault for the injury. 

Assigning blame for an injury can be tricky. If someone has hurt you, and you try to talk to them about paying for the injuries that resulted from their actions, serious contention and damages can follow. Thus, in order keep everything orderly and to avoid disputes that could lead to further problems, it is often a good idea to get a personal injury lawyer like Yearwood and Company involved in resolving problems stemming from a personal injury.